Guard your small store with Fortress Security products

Guard your small store with Fortress Security products

In the last couple of years, we have seen a tremendous rise in demand for security solutions. Not only the corporates and big brands but also the individuals and small businesses are looking to adopt best ways to secure their premises.

Being little frank, it doesn’t really matter that you run a small business or large (considering its economic statistics), for every entrepreneur his/her business will remain of utmost importance and its security as the highest priority.

It has been often noticed that small business/store owners often restrain from having security surveillance products considering the heavy setup cost involved in the same. Considering this and with an aim to take security systems to every door, we at Fortress Security Store have formulated security solutions in more pocket-friendly manner.

The rising need for security

If you have the habit of reading or watching the news, you might be aware of the rising number of thefts around us. To be mentioned that most of these thefts happen on small stores in comparison to the larger stores.

Ever thought of the reason?

Well, the reason hides in our last paragraph. Large store owners ensure that they are securing their assets and business with high-end security products.

Yes, you read that right, the thieves restrain attacking large stores to avoid getting trapped by security systems. Hence, to ensure that your shop remains secured from not just theft but also any other unexpected event.

Let’s have a look at certain ways in which Fortress India can help you secure your store at affordable prices.

Introducing S6 Security system

The S6 security system is designed to serve small houses, offices, and shops from theft or any other unexpected event. The device comes with one main panel, one door/window sensor, 2 remote FOB and RFID keytags each, and one motion sensor. Besides these, the main panel can be connected to numerous other security accessories built at Fortress.

With this, you also get a free access to iPhone and Android mobile application, which helps you stay updated with the security of your small store, home, and office. Here are some of the accessories that keep your assets secured:

  1. Glass break sensor: Windows and other glass openings are usually the most vulnerable space to intrude. With Fortress Security Store’s glass break sensor, you can stay assured of getting alarmed as soon as someone tries to intrude into your office. The sensor notices even slightest jerk on the glass pane and sends a signal to the main panel which further raises alarm. You also get notified through the mobile application.

  2. Smoke detector: Ever since their introduction, smoke detecting systems are preferred over fire alarms. The reason is quite simple, they update you upon detecting an even smallest fragment of smoke. Upon detecting it, the device sends a signal to the main panel which further raises the alarm. The device also sends a notification to your smartphone using our dedicated mobile application.

  3. Door window contact sensor: There are some corners in our office which are usually unattended. These portions of your office can be a vulnerable spot for intruders. Also, there are times when someone manages to open the door using some master key. Under such circumstances, a door/window contact sensor can be of very help. These sensors when activated, raise an alarm upon losing contact with each other. This further sends a signal to the main panel, which notifies you about the unauthorized intrusion.

These were few out of the many other accessories which can be connected to your S6 main panel. At Fortress, we are dedicated to serving you with best security solutions at the most affordable prices. DO contact our experts in case you have any query. We would be glad to serve you with best security solutions.

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