Own a PG or Hostel? Secure it with our expert security solutions

Own a PG or Hostel? Secure it with our expert security solutions

Owning a PG or hostel (boys/girls) is indeed an asset with a lot of liability. Well, the statement might initially sound confusing, but the fact that remains untouched is the security of your tenants.

What’s the big deal?

India being one of the largest democracy in the world, has a student population of over 315 million. While the figures only include students, it isn’t just them solely relying on PG or hostel while living away from their home. Even the working class population opts (let that be initially) to stay in a PG or hostel.

The figures are massive

The above-mentioned figures clearly indicate the number of hostel or PG prevailing in India. However, among these all, only a few are keeping best security standards.

Well, we aren’t here talking about installing security cameras all across your PG/hostel, in fact, doing that will somewhere impact the privacy of your tenants. We are here referring particularly to different security systems being placed at the right place to ensure utmost security of your property and tenants.

But How??

At Fortress Security Store India, our team of highly experienced professionals leave no stone unturned to build flawless security products for the end users at highly affordable prices.

Though we often consider installing security cameras at entry and exit as the best security measure. I won’t say it isn’t required, but relying simply on it can be dangerous.

You need to also cover windows and doors.

Introducing your best security companion: Fortress Stand-Alone Alarm

The device can be used impeccably to protect your distant (not covered by CCTV) entryways and windows. Compatible with 17 additional accessories, the package includes magnetic contact sensors, which will send a signal to the main unit upon finding any unauthorized attempt to barge-in and will raise an alarm instantly, which will be loud enough to reach your neighborhood.

Let’s have a look at the range of benefits you relish with Fortress stand-alone alarm guarding your hostel/PG:

1- Added security: While security cameras are doing their work miraculously by keeping you updated on a real-time basis, it is important that you track the intrusion when it’s happening. The CCTV cameras can help you detect the intruder but stand-alone alarm allows you to restrain any such activity. The magnetic sensors will notice even the slightest gap and will notify the main unit instantly, eventually raising an alarm loud enough to terrify the intruder.

2- Reaches distant and unmanned entryways: The window next to backyard, the window located at a dark corner, the gate in your kitchen which opens towards your small garden or the gate that connects with your guest room/garage/storeroom. These are just a few out of other corners that may prove to be vulnerable to intruders. With Fortress stand-alone alarm, you can indeed guard these corners with no extra efforts.

3- Remote control: The Fortress Stand Alone system gives you entire command on your security system. With the help of remote key fob, which comes with your security pack you can alarm and disarm the system as and when required.

4- Works even during power cut: Housed with an internal battery, the Fortress standalone alarm system works even during a power cut. Having said this, you can relish the most secured bliss even when there’s a power cut in your hostel/PG.

5- Accessory friendly: Last on our list but not the least. You can attach around 17 additional accessories with your standalone alarm. However, we personally would recommend you to go with the glass break sensor, which will definitely complement your magnetic sensors and will avail you with added security. The sensors identify the slightest jerk on the glass and notify the main unit, which eventually raises an alarm notifying you about the action.

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