With FSS standalone system, security is no longer a concern

With FSS standalone system, security is no longer a concern

With more innovation getting to be plainly accessible to make our lives more agreeable and advantageous, it just bodes well that a considerable measure of this tech is connected to our homes. Presently like never before, "savvy homes" are getting to be plainly open to the normal shopper. For a few thousand rupees, you can get a brilliant home center point, that will control a wide range of shrewd gadgets — and from that point the sky's the cutoff.

One critical thought that numerous shrewd property holders don't consider is the possibility of a keen home security framework. Without a doubt, some Security WiFi Systems can be somewhat expensive, however, having that genuine feeling of serenity of your house being secured, is a cost you can't put a cost on.

In our today’s article, we'll be going over a portion of the principal advantages of a keen standalone security system, and enumerating how it can add esteem and insurance to your home/office/hostel premises.

What’s so special about Fortress Stand Alone System?

Before we move ahead and talk about the numerous ways this impeccable security system can ensure the security of your property, we believe it’s important for you to first have a glimpse into the features and benefits it comes with. Here are some of them:

Infrared motion detector: Get alarmed upon even a single unauthorized activity or trespassing on your property.

Magnetic contact sensors: Well, you don’t have to be concerned about intruders entering your property through unattended doors and windows.

Built-in siren: Get alarmed in case there’s any unauthorized activity within the targeted region.

Remote key fob: Control your security alarm system with a remote that comes with your package.

Getting to what you get

With the aforementioned and numerous other benefits, the Fortress stand-alone security system avails you below mentioned benefits:

1- The sigh of security: With stand-alone security system you can always have a sigh of relief and a sense of security for your property even in your absence. Now you can enjoy your weekend and relish a stress-free sleep on weekdays after a hectic schedule.

2- Stay updated: Doesn’t matter you are in your living room or dancing over the rhythm in your bedroom, the Fortress Security stand-alone system will update you in case there’s any trespasser on your property. Not only this, the alarm system is loud enough to reach your neighborhood and also threaten the intruder.

3- Command remotely: Taking the preceding point a step ahead, stand-alone security system comes with a remote key fob which allows you to turn your alarm system on or off. The remote command gives you added security plus a personalized control of your home/office’s security.

4- Stay secured: The stand-alone security system is made under the supervision of expert security analysts. Having said this, we intend to say that for your home/office’s 24*7 security you can always count on our stand-alone security system.

5- No clinging wires across premises: Last but not the least, the standalone security system is connected wirelessly. This means that the beauty of your home/office at no point will be compromised with our security system. Also, you can attach the same with different accessories for added security. And yes!! This too goes wireless.


With the rise in technology, it has become important for us to have innovative security solutions at our home/office. With Fortress Security Store you can stay assured of your home/office’s security even while being away. Contact our security expert to get instant solutions to all your security related issues.

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