S1 Alarm System

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S1 Alarm System
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The S1 Starter Kit includes all the items listed here. It’s a great fit for smaller homes, apartments, RVs, and small offices. Accessories can also be purchased at a later date and easily added to the system. The S1 panel can connect to WiFi and communicate with the free mobile app, available for iPhones and Android phones. It can also be connected to a GSM cellular network to call one or more numbers in the event of an alarm. You can take even greater control of your security now with Amazon Alexa support.

The wireless accessories have a range of about 150 feet, and they come with batteries included. The accessories are also pre-programmed, so they are already working with your main panel when you take them out of the box. For longer distances, or for homes with brick or concrete walls, we also have an optional wireless signal repeater available for purchase, which can increase the signal strength by another 200 to 400 feet.

  • 1 x S1 Main Panel
  • 1 x Main Panel Power Supply
  • 1 x Standard Motion Detector
  • 1 x Door/Window Contact
  • 2 x Remote Fobs
  • Mounting Hardware
  • User Manual
  • Works with Wi-Fi and a Free Mobile App for iOS / Android
  • Compatible with GSM SIM Cards *
  • Discreet hub can be placed in a central or hidden location
  • Built-in siren and voice responses
  • Support for up to 100 sensors
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